On 20 February 2015, Al-Shabaab militants surprised the people of Mogadishu by attacking its central hotel, where several Federal Government Somalia officials had assembled for Friday prayers at the hotel's mosque, the attack was targetted at the entrance of the hotel, 28 dead which also includes 6 assailants.

It happens to be a suicide bombing. While 5 of the attackers were killed by the security, One of the attackers blew himself in the car.

Mohammed Dahir, a police officer confirm that there were two blasts, first taking place directly in front of the hotel in a truck and the other took place in the parking of the hotel.

Fighters belonging to Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab invaded the Dayah Hotel, this took place after the blasts. Dahir also adds that the hotel happens to be popular amongst the entrepreneurs and government officials.

Gunfires were witnessed and heard in the area for a while.

According to security officials and police, the victims included government soldiers, private hotel guards and civilians.

The number of injured people instantly rose up to 40 as confirmed by the Security Minister Abdirisak Omar Mohamed. At site, reporters state that the injured also include 4 journalists.

The explosions were heard and felt around the entire city and were massive enough to shatter the windows of a large radius.

Also, the vehicles parked around the hotel were damaged by the shrapnels and the impact caused by the blast.

An Al-Shabaab spokesman later claimed responsibility for the attack, asserting that the militants had targeted the officials during prayer-time as retribution for "apostasy" and for deploying foreign African Union troops in Somalia.

Security subsequently cordoned off the area around the hotel. The claim was made on pro-insurgent radio station Andalus. They proudly claimed the killing of people inside and outside the hotel.

Government facilities and hotels in Mogadishu are being attacked on daily basis by Al-Shabaab. It is also affiliated with the global terrorist's network Al-Qaeda and seeks an Islamic State in Somalia.

The Federal Cabinet convened and announced the formation of a security committee to take control and investigate the surroundings of the attacked area, as well as a ministerial committee to get a follow up regarding the frequent attacks. Within a few hours, the state ordered a city-wide security sweep and apprehended all the extremists of Al-Shabaab suspects, for interrogation, which also included the security guards of the hotel. The city police were placed on high alert, and additional military soldiers were placed at several points around the city, specifically covering the major attractions.

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