Wresting fans, that time of the year has come, the time where the headlines are stacked with big names, and rumors of debuts echo the halls. The "Road to WrestleMania" has began, and what a better kick off than this years " Royal Rumble". This years Royal Rumble event is promoted to be the best one yet. The matches are set and the "30 man over the top-rope elimination match" is said to have more headliners entering it than ever before. Just the card itself looks to be history setting itself.

This years Rumble event has a huge, stacked card. With Championship matches likes, AJ Styles versus John Cena, Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns (with Chris Jericho dangling above them in a shark cage), Charlotte versus Bailey for the Raw Women's Championship, and of course, The WWE Royal Rumble match, where 30 men enter the ring, and 29 fall over the top rope.

Leaving one man to claim victory.

The excitement for the Royal Rumble match isn't just because of the huge maineventers that have entered it (Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and The Undertaker), but also because of the 30 slots in the Royal Rumble match, only 22 have been taken. Whats the big deal about that you ask? Well, that leaves eight spots open, eight spots open for new talents to make their debuts maybe? Talents like Samoa Joe or Tye Dillinger? Or are the eight open slots going to be returning WWE superstars who have been out of the action, I.E Finn Balor? With this many slots still open, it leaves the the WWE Universe to wonder and start rumors of who it may be that will fill those spots.

There is no doubt that this Rumble is going to make history.

The excitement around the Rumble is huge and its only a day away! Will there be heel turns? Will AJ Styles prove that he is the new "face that runs the place" or will John Cena take another Championship around his waist? Will Bailey finally get the Championship shes dreamed of having since a little girl? And finally, Who will win the Rumble?

Who will debut? Who will walk out of the Alamodome with a contract to main event the greatest stage of them all, WrestleMania? Find out only on the WWE Network, Monday starting at 9:00 AM GMT +11.

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