Recently Australian feminist Anne Summers wrote a piece for the Sydney Morning Herald attacking Ivanka Trump. Ok, she’s entitled to her opinion, but I was disappointed at her suspicion and divisiveness at a woman who has worked hard and established her own career, by all accounts has a happy marriage to a successful husband, and is a devoted mum.

Ivanka Trump is also a feminist. She is the daughter of Donald Trump who Summers clearly loathes. That’s fine, lots of people do. Summers is entitled to diss on his daughter if she so pleases. But when she bases her argument on prejudice not facts then I want to jump to Ivanka Trump’s defence.

The whole premise of Summer’s article is that Ivanka has no place in the White House, and it worries her; ‘Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter, has assumed a role that appears to make her more powerful than anyone else in the building. Apart from her father, that is.’

Ivanka Has an Important Role to Play

She then goes on to question Ivanka’s role in the meeting between dignitaries such as Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan, also (Netanyahu and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (and let’s not go into the ridicule she suffered during Trudeau’s visit, yes he’s a good looking man, so what!) A quick search on Google would have given Summers the answer.

Ivanka is sharing the 1st lady role with Melania, she has an office in the White House and works with her father on many issues. When asked after the inauguration about his wife’s role as first lady Trump also acknowledged his daughter’s role; ‘I think she is going to be a fantastic first lady. She's going to be a tremendous representative of women and of the people, and helping her and working with her will be Ivanka, who is a fabulous person and a fabulous, fabulous woman.’

So what was Summers on about?

Clearly she like many other feminists I’ve come across since the election are devastated by Hilary Clinton’s defeat. If they want to attack Donald Trump that’s ok, but why attack the women in his family. I think this is unfair, forever women have had an influence in the White House and I think this is a good thing, sure I’d like to see a woman president, but this hasn’t happened, so far, but it appears Trump has a good guide in his daughter.

She has said many times if she doesn’t agree with him she’ll tell him.

One other thing Summer’s alludes to is it's because of Ivanka Trump America bombed Syria - yeah sure, I can just see it now Ivanka running into the Oval Office in tears imploring Donald to drop bombs in payment for the gassing of children. As if Trump and his military advisers were not horrified by the brutality themselves.

It appears feminism these days is suspicious of a woman from the right becoming powerful when they only accept women from the left - because that’s what feminism is. I don’t believe it is, and I also don’t think it’s a good idea to dismiss a woman just because you don’t like her father. That’s just plain wrong.

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