Recently an electrician came to do some wiring in the house. He was a pleasant young man, seemed competent enough with his fancy toolbox. But wait, what is the ghetto blaster for? He placed it down beside him as he unscrewed a plug point and turned it on to some loud music. ‘Can you not play that please” I asked him nicely. He looked at me incredulous, ‘but it stops me from thinking,’ he pleaded. Seriously? What is wrong with thinking! I smiled and said this might be my home but it’s my work place as well and I had a deadline; ‘so if you don’t mind….’.

He turned the music off with a sad look on his face and carried on working. I left him to his tortuous soul grappling with his thoughts and went back to work.

I Sometimes Feel Guilty

Usually if I’m in this situation asking someone to turn down their music I’ve felt guilty, spoiling their day is not what I intended. This time I didn’t care, I mean if you play music loudly to stop yourself from thinking what hope is there for you? Maybe that is the intention of the shops I visit that play loud music, they don’t want me to think, they just want me to hand over my money.

The trouble is it’s become acceptable to play music everywhere now, even the bank; I rarely need to visit but when I do I’m appalled by the local radio station blaring out as I stand in line, often there’s a video screen showing me ads at the same time.

I can’t walk out I need to talk to the teller so I continue to stand in line gritting my teeth. I’m a victim of their ignorance! Even in the supermarket there’s music videos playing on screens as I wander around. Filling up the car with petrol, the doctors waiting room, everywhere I go there’s music playing! Recently I visited a baby clothes shop and they were playing rap music, do babies like rap music now?

I get that they’re trying to distract and entertain me, but I don’t need to be distracted and entertained, in fact I don’t need to be distracted and entertained anywhere in public for goodness sake! I’m not like my hapless electrician, I actually like my own thoughts.