I can’t imagine anything worse than a partner cheating on you. You put all your energy into the relationship, you might even have children which you cleverly juggle with your career, all the while thinking of your partner and his needs. Then you discover the betrayal; you read a text message or email, maybe even receipts for gifts he’s bought her or a weekend away - yeah that one you thought he was going fishing with his mates. Or worse still you discover them together. The humiliation would smack you in the face, enough to floor you so much you hide from your friends and family while you come to terms with the man you’ve been living with all these years is not the man you thought he was.

Pretty soon it’s time to face the world and carry on with your life, the decisions you now make determine how strong you really are. This is the test of your nerve, your friendships with the ones who support you, your relationship with your children, and the relationship with this cheating man.

Most women in this situation leave, they leave to put as much space between the cheating creep and themselves. However, there are some women who stay in this situation, some go to counselling and some just pretend it hasn’t happened and carry on. A lot of these women depend on their partner for money, they may not have a job and it’s just easier to stay and put on a brave face, but underneath it all you’ve got to wonder how they rationalise their actions, because to stay shows weakness, and no one wants to be weak.

Introducing A Woman Called Hillary

I know of a woman who is high up in the Democratic Party in Washington who has faced this same dilemma, let’s call her Hillary. Now Hillary is by all accounts a strong independent woman, she has held one of the highest jobs in the US Government where she has negotiated with world leaders pathways to peace, she is known throughout the world as a strong feminist who sticks up for women of class and religion and encourages them to be strong in all they face.

A woman much admired for her work and stature, in fact she even ran for president!

But the thing is about Hillary is her husband, we’ll call him Bill, has cheated on her. Bill who appears to have a weird Leonard Cohen affect on women cheated not once but multiple times, in fact we have no idea how much he has cheated (she probably doesn’t either), but you see the things is, Hillary chose to stay.

She’s never said why she’s stayed as far as I know. But I’m curious, as a feminist how can she justify staying? Is this the action of a strong independent woman? No, it’s not, in fact to me she is saying I can’t do this job without this man. It’s disingenuous not to say and I wonder if she’d explained herself to all the women out there that have shown guts and left their cheating men why they in turn were supposed to vote for her. Who knows, she may have even become president.