I have just read the most boring book in the world. Why did I keep reading? If it’s boring why not bin it. I tried, believe me I did, but I felt I needed to give the writer some grace, some encouragement. Yes, I’m reading your boring book which I know you spent a lot of time researching. If he really did then why was it so awful?

The book! I hear you ask, what was the book! Model Woman by Robert Lacey, when I saw it I thought great I’ve always been interested in the fashion/model world and this is a biography of Eileen Ford, her of Ford Model Agency, lots of gossip, or so I thought.

I love gossip, I’m as nosey as the next person, I’ve written for women’s magazines for years so that makes me extremely nosey. With chapters covering the supermodels, drugs and business rivalries, it couldn’t get any better. Robert tried hard to get people (including Eileen Ford before she died) talking, but he uncovered very little. As I often do I skipped the early years, unless the point of the story is about these years I’m loath to labour through who the grandparents were and where they came from and who begat who and so on. Trust me, it’s never interesting.

Too Many Books, Too Much Disappointment

There are plenty of books over the years I’ve been disappointed with, most of them biographies for some reason, Carly Simon’s Boys in the Trees out last year, it promised to be a tell-all book, the trouble is it was.

But the tell-all was pathetic, James Taylor cheating on her with another woman, she details she went to see the other woman had a cup of tea and went back to James and swore eternal devotion. I mean seriously, who does that! While we’re on the subject of bios how about Steven Tyler’s book, groupies, angry girlfriends, drugs blah blah.

Light with no substance - maybe that’s what all his exes say about him. And why does everyone rave about Patti Smith’s M Train? I loved Just Kids, but this was appalling drivel.

There appears to be more and more drivel out there. It’s clear publishers are now saying to people just write anything, it’ll be your name that will make the money don’t fret about the content.

They know that it’s easier to develop a high profile now with social media, so write any old rubbish and it’ll sell. Check out any book site and you’ll see books that should never have been written. I can’t count the books I’ve read and thrown into the recycling over the years, maybe this says I’m bad at choosing. Maybe don’t read the reviews, they always lie. The Financial Times review said Model Woman was ‘Unputdownable’. I put it down, I put it in the recycling.