I haven’t watched much reality TV but wherever I do I am faced with the horror of how low it has sunk. Take The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for example, I imagine it’s very difficult to talk when your lips are stuffed full of collagen. I’m guessing it’s like she’s just come from the dentist after having root canal work and half her face is frozen - I expect her to start dribbling down her chin at any moment. Sometimes they do this, but that’s only when they hate someone else so much they can’t hold it in any more and it starts to erupt in a screaming shrieking mind-numbing hysterical match.

Even more disturbing are their eyes, they’re locked permanently open, one wonders how they even sleep. Perhaps they don’t, that’s why they’re always in a bad mood.

Trying to Guess What is Real and What Isn't Can be Stressful

I don’t mean to put them down personally, they’re all women who have done well, they’ve married well and they appear to have some business venture of their own going on, well some of them do but I’m not too sure what it is they're doing. You see this is the thing I hate about Reality TV, it’s actually not real, it’s contrived and cynical, and worst of all it promotes bullying for entertainment. I can imagine the production people discussing each morning how the day’s shoot will progress.

‘Ok, so shall we make Rina the bad guy today?’ asks one. ‘No, she’s always the bad guy. How about Lisa just for once,’ said another. ’No let’s have one of them put on a fancy dinner and have them all invited. Some can drag their hapless husbands along so they can look bored in the background and we’ll have Eden say something about one of the others behind their back and make sure it spreads and then they can start screaming at each other,’ says the producer.

’Tell the camera op we want plenty of close-ups on Rina’s lips as she struggles and starts to spit.’

Pandering to the lowest common denominator might drive up ratings but it does nothing to improve our quality of life, in fact it demeans it. Having your evening’s entertainment watching women surgically enhanced to oblivion wearing often the most worst fashion ever is a low form of torture.

It’s certainly not what I want swimming around in my consciousness as my head hits the pillow. It’s a sure fire way for the worst kind of nightmare.

Is this the end of civilisation as we know it? I fear it is, and it all started in some programming office one day when some idiot said ‘let’s do a program where rich women bitch about each other, the chicks will love that’. No they won’t!


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