She’s in her mid seventies and admired as one of the most influential fashion designers in the world. She’s still incorporating her famous 70’s tartan into her look with gender mixing, body painting, torn fabrics; and the same time making a political statement.

Sometimes she’s still crazy punk and others she’s sophisticated. Her style evokes a wonderful ‘up yours!’ which as I get older resonates even more.

In the opening passages of Vivienne Westwood’s self-titled biography written in collaboration with Ian Kelly she says, “My duty is to understand.

To understand the world. This is our exchange for the luck of being alive. From people who have lived before us we can rediscover different visions of the world through art.” And she does, brilliantly.

I admire her dismissiveness of Malcolm McLaren’s destructive behaviour – many times he tried to sabotage her progress but she rose above it without one ‘poor me’ bleat.

She’s now published another book Get A Life! a diary; “My point of view is heretical and my enemy is the status quo.” It’s all about climate revolution and fashion; and some very left wing politics.

I Love Punk!

She started designing around 40 years ago and she’s still producing a stunning, stand-back-and-gape look. The ‘could I wear that?’ look.

One of the nicest things about her is she worked out the punk look right from the start and after all these years she’s still punk. I love punk, I love everything it stood for, pity so much of it was drowned in drug use, then again a lot of people might say there would have been no punk without the drugs. It certainly would have been different.

Does she ever run out of ideas? Has it all become too much, the same theme but different presentation? Maybe she is cleverer than I think, doesn’t the ‘same theme, but different presentation’ describe our lives in the last 40 years? Much changes, but we’re still the same woman, same hopes and mistakes - you thought I was going to say dreams then didn’t you?

Does Vivienne Westwood make mistakes? Sure, why not, let’s say she does. Here’s another collection accessorised with matted hair and what looks like lipstick smeared over young gorgeous faces in unevenly draped fabric that would hide a multitude of body sins.

She is a very wise woman.

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