I’ve always loved the rock chick look; leather jacket worn over skinny velvet trousers, boots, heaps of jewellery, heavy makeup the lot. A kind of put-together look. I guess that’s what a real rocker does, she drags herself out of bed and runs for the tour bus.

I’m getting carried away, but it’s a look that can cover a multitude of sins. There are also some men whose look can be copied to give the ultimate rock chick look.

Jimi Hendrix; velvet trousers, embroidered waistcoats, brightly coloured shirts with large floppy sleeves, beautiful jackets.

Another man who embodies the rock chick look is Steven Tyler, he dresses very similar to Jimi, except maybe a few more scarves. He also wears makeup, I don’t think Jimi ever did.

There are plenty of women who embody original rock chick; Debbie Harry, Janis Joplin, Chrissie Hynde, the Wilson sisters (Heart), Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Siouxsie, Alannah Currie, Patti Smith, Tina Weymouth – I’m sure there are many I’ve left out.

Nearly every designer has a rock chick influenced season, it’s an easy look to replicate. It’s a timeless look.

In Reality it’s Not That Much Fun

In the early 2000’s I wrote for a couple of Australian music publications, this meant I got to hang out with musicians backstage and experience the life they led.

Much of what happened was no surprise, the arguing over the rider - the request they put in for booze (and sometimes drugs) backstage to keep them happy and the bad mouthing of each other behind their backs. Of course there were the girlfriends and hangers-on that I found interesting. I always thought of them as the trophy rock chicks, these women helped the band look good.

I didn’t envy them, they often looked bored out of their minds, but if their man was recording they would be there sitting on the studio sofa dropping off the sleep at 3 am while the band argued with the producer over some trivial chord. I was close to a band member of a popular Aussie band during this time and remember being in the studio late at night while his band were working out a new song.

Being just a friend I wasn’t obliged to stay so I left about midnight (much to his dismay) and went home. The next day they were back in the studio re-recording the previous night’s effort as now sober they realised it stunk!

I’m not too sure how it must be to have to put up with being part of that world all the time, but it’s not my definition of cool rock chick. The best way to do it is fake it. You don’t have to hang out with a boring band (believe me, most of them are) you put it all together and create you own rock band of fashion.



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