Ever tried anti-aging cream? Anything with the word anti-aging? Of course you have. So have I. The word anti-aging means against aging. And if you’re Andi MacDowell or Jane Fonda by all accounts it works. Just look at the photos cosmetic company L’Oréal uses of both women and their skin is flawless! I take that back, Jane Fonda shows a few wrinkles, well of course she would she’s 79! Indeed, I’ve recently seen a face cream ad (I forget which cosmetic company it was - does it matter?) where the women’s face had been airbrushed to such an extent she had no skin texture at all.

Her eyes and mouth appeared to be floating in space - in fact I don’t think she actually existed, her whole being was a floating ethereal image. Perhaps to the advertisers this is the perfect woman, perhaps to men this is too. Scary! Well, they can’t trick us that much.

But they do. They paste these heavily airbrushed images in their advertising and tell us if we use their creams then our skin will look as good, because after-all all we want to do is look young, right? Wrong! I don’t want to be young again. I had a great time being young, but I’m also having a great time now in my 60s. I don’t even want to look young. I wish to look like a normal woman who is aging and enjoying life. Is that too much to ask?

It seems it is for the likes of the patronising cosmetic companies. If we were all aspiring to be the women they want us to be we’d be under the knife (Jane Fonda has admitted it) and trying our best to hold back the years. But what if the years ahead are looking good? And I don’t mean resort to the likes of reverse patronising like Dove with their ‘real women’ ads.

Just as pathetic!

You either have a cream that works or you don’t. As I understand it, if you don’t then you lie to the customer with unreal images enticing us to spend money on an impossible realisation.

They forget women of our generation were feminists, long before this watered down feminism that’s around now. We can smell a snake-oil salesman a mile off!

Am I right?


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