Recently a friend of mine in her late fifties confessed her hair was entirely grey – only you couldn’t see it. She still has the same dark brown colour I’ve known her to have since she was in her twenties. ‘I’m not ready to go grey yet,’ she protested when I wondered aloud whether her hairdresser was only encouraging her to keep her colour so as to keep a regular customer.

She felt if she went grey then her life would take a turn she was not willing to face. Why? Does it mean when we let our hair go grey we turn into old women and no one will take notice of us anymore?

People will edge us off the pavement as we walk by, laugh at us in restaurants? And worst of all no man (or woman) will ever look at us again?

Maybe we will disappear altogether. Sometimes, that can be a good thing. As I get older I quite like the idea of withdrawing a bit from society. It ain’t as good as it used to be when I was younger anyway! Sure things have changed, but I bristle when I hear people talk about the ‘grey’ this or ‘grey’ that as if to say well if you’re grey then you’re old. Too old for what I wonder? Sex? Er, sure, that’s a whole new article.

After years of light streaks, and funding my hairdresser’s holidays, I happily went grey a couple of years ago, but I also began growing my hair so I could wear it up in grey braids.

I’d like it to eventually turn white/grey.

I resent being lumped into a category of misfits and oddballs unable to grasp new technology and other such ‘mysteries’ that only the young can master.

I mean seriously, I tweet, I Facebook I’m constantly on my phone checking news updates, yet still I’m categorised a too old for this modern world.

Well tough! I’m out there and I have an opinion based on my life experiences and my intellect, don’t tell me because I don’t dye my hair and wear too tight clothes (seriously, don’t do that!) I’m not relevant, I’m going grey because that’s what ageing is about.

So, by going grey what have I let go? All I’ve done is moved on.

And who’s to say that my best years aren’t yet to come?

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