Adelaide Fashion designer, Paul Vasileff strikes the International market as he follows his heart, so far.

He happens to be the first South Australian to show his brilliant collection in Paris, last year, at the age of 26.

"It's a huge shock", he exclaimed, as he was being awarded the Young Australian of the year for 2017 in the Great Hall at Parliament House, Wednesday night.

His creations happen to be hand-made by a staff of 15 employees only, yet making a global impact and are labelled as Paolo Sebastian.

Jump to the red carpet

His work was witnessed at the red carpet of the Oscars as few of the celebrities worn it on the occasion.

Apart from being endorsed by celebrities on the biggest events, Paolo Sebastian's available at boutiques all around the globe and can also be seen being featured on the runways at several events.

Big names are being enlisted in his client's list, which includes Kardashians, the God of style Giuliana Rancic and host of 'The Project' Carrie Bickmore.

Mr Vasileff, at the age of 11, stitched his first ever dress with the help his grandmother, of course. Six years later he founded the brand at a young age of 17.

Just after graduating from Milan's renowned Istituto Europeo di Design, he was told that he would never be able to present globally unless he leaves Australia, and he has been working out of his hometown ever since.

And now lives his dream

In an interview, he stated that he feels quite lucky to be given an opportunity to live out his dreams. Also that he has big hopes for Australia, he wants the young people to be given the same opportunities as he did and wants to support the local businesses and help it grow. And he wants the people to know that there are no boundaries, so everyone should dream and dream big because anything is possible.

Mr Vasileff has been a great inspiration for all those young Australians who dream big and have the strength to achieve it. And he is a proof in himself, that achieving success has nothing to do with where you're located, it's all about the right attitude towards working hard along with patience.

He is committed to creating local jobs and to keep his business in Australia, this deserves admiration so does his self-belief in pursuing his creativity and art as an entrepreneurial pathway.

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